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Marie Bellissimo: Ruth Isgrow Scholarship

“It’s an honor to receive the Ruth Isgro Scholarship scholarship. The opportunity to expand my knowledge and skills in the appraising industry is both exciting and humbling. I am in the process of starting my own business and with the help of this scholarship, I am one step closer to making this dream a reality. I will be forever grateful for this opportunity and hope this new venture adds value to many in the future. Thank you FAE!”

Susan Selby: Gloria Moroni Scholarship


Yuliya Chalk: FAE Gold Scholarship

“I am sincerely honored to have been selected as the recipient of the FAE Gold Scholarship 2022. I am entirely thankful for your generosity, which will allow me to take the ISA’s Appraisal of Fine Arts course this summer, granting also the opportunity to free my personal funds for more help in my birth country, Ukraine which has been fighting back courageously for now over 100 days in the war against the horrible Russian invasion. Understanding the vital importance of art as part of one’s heritage, I have been supporting the volunteers in the art community back in Kyiv and now will be able to continue doing so without taking a break for funding my own educational career. 

As I complete my Appraisal of Fine Arts course, it will deepen even more my knowledge and will fuel my drive for research of fine arts which will prepare me to help with the Inventory of the Art collection at the Parthenon of Nashville, Tennessee where I currently reside. Because of your scholarship I will continue my educational journey of becoming a Fine Arts personal property Appraiser and will learn with great detail along the road.  This scholarship award will only push me further towards deepening my knowledge and skills in the Fine Arts appraiser career. 

Thank you again for your thoughtful and generous gift.”

Olivia Helmer: FAE Gold Scholarship

"Thank you so much! I'm honored to have been selected. The Foundation for Appraisal Education Gold Scholarship is a great help for an appraiser starting out such as myself. Without this help, I would have had to financially stretch my business earnings to be able to complete the required ISA course for accreditation. Not only will being an accredited member give my business an additional level of trust and authority for clients, the course will make me a better and more well rounded generalist appraiser. I look forward to applying all I learn in future jobs and am greatly appreciative of the Foundation for Appraisal Education and all the great work they do to further the field of appraising."

Ana Norman: FAE Gold Scholarship


Darlene Wong: FAE Gold Scholarship

“I wish to thank the board of directors at FAE for selecting me as the recipient of this Gold Scholarship Award. It is with sincere gratitude and appreciation that I accept this award. After much consideration I have decided to use this award towards diversifying my appraisal practice in the study of Antiques, Furniture and Decorative Arts Course at ISA. My keen interest in the objects within this field has been with me since before I began my appraisal journey in the gems and jewelry industry many years ago. This scholarship will allow me to formally broaden my education further and will lend additional credibility to my appraisal abilities as both a gems and jewelry specialist and as a generalist. The new skill set, and the knowledge obtained from taking the AFDA course will surely have a positive impact on my appraisal practice.”

Charles Keller: FAE Silver Scholarship

“I am grateful to the FAE for awarding me a $500 scholarship in 2022. I have maintained membership in the International Society of Appraisers since 2010 and wish to continue with the organization. The definition of a ‘qualified appraiser’ has been amended such that it requires members of the ISA to achieve Accredited Member (AM) status by December 31,2022.


Unfortunately, a downturn in business partly due to the Covid-19 pandemic and also the financial stress of older children in college (and preparing to go) has meant discretionary funds for pursuing the Accredited Member status have not been available over the last two years. The scholarship money I am being awarded will be used to pay for most of the International Society of Appraiser’s Pathway 2: Demonstrate Essential Methodology Knowledge in Specialty. I will fund the remaining fee personally. I have significant specialist training in Bibliographic Description of rare books and related incunabula through the University of Virginia’s Rare Book School, which will fulfill the specialist training requirement set forth by the ISA for Accredited Member. Achieving the Accredited Member credential level in the ISA will satisfy the new requirement for being considered a ‘qualified appraiser’ and enable me to continue serving clients throughout the United States who contact me specifically because of my UVa Rare Book School experience. Once again, I’d like to express my appreciation for receiving this scholarship and look forward to putting it to good use!”

Andrea Minicucci: FAE Silver Scholarship